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Published on December 18 2020

Why it’s important to choose a good Web Development Agency

Web development agency London:

What do they do and how are they beneficial?

Web development is the process of building and maintaining websites. It is the work that occurs behind the scenes to make a site look exceptional and aesthetically pleasing.

The primary scope of work for a web development agency typically includes ideating, designing, creating and maintaining websites and applications. A website can be custom-built by a web development company to suit the unique needs and preferences that a business has. A web development agency has professionals who are specialised in various different backgrounds including the development on the businesses specific platform and even optimising their clients web project for SEO. When working with a web development agency you’ll be equipped with a team of specialists at your disposal with a number of skills such as;

● Covering All Your Project’s Bases

● Past Development Experience

● Experts available to advise and build even as your websites needs and goals change.

● Flexible for Your Development Needs

● Fresh perspective

It can be quite tough to decide on how much work needs to be covered by your in-house development team and what warrants finding an agency to partner with, particularly when you have begun working on a new project or web redesign. If you are a business who wants your website to be among the few that attract most of the web traffic, it needs to be functional, professional, and user-friendly. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that you are working with a good and effective web development agency in order to achieve the best results.

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Published on December 18 2020

Position yourself effectively with a Brand Marketing Agency
More importantly, it gives your agency a sense of direction and purpose. For clients, your positioning becomes your differentiating factor.

For example, if a client is on the search for a WordPress agency London based, the client will prefer an agency that has positioned itself as a wordpress expert in London, not one that offers generic ‘marketing’.

Here are some tips on how to position your company for growth:

  • Position yourself to limit resistance
  • Know your costs and pricing inside out
  • Set upfront policies before starting work
  • Support pricing with case studies and ROI-focus
  • Audit past work to estimate deadlines
  • Practice transparency in communication
  • Adopt an agile approach to selling aka “Foot in the Door” technique

More Information: Brand Marketing Agency in London

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Written by Huey Hutch - Creative Digital Agency

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Published on November 20 2020

Which are the best Web Development Agencies in London?

There are a range of types of agencies in London that focus on the digital aspect of website design. These are a few headings you could search for to gain more insight and knowledge into the best agency for you and your team: 

●     Website design agency London

●     Web development agency London

●     B2b marketing agency London

What is a website design agency?

 A high-quality and detailed website is the foundation of your digital footprint on the web, and the digital landscape is expanding rapidly.

The graphics, objects, and layout of a product or service are created and styled by a web designer. These aspects are created by the designer for the user to interact with, without any of the programmed interactive elements. Subsequently, web design agencies create aesthetically appealing websites for users to visit.

What is a web development agency?

A web developer handles the applications and functionality of the site, and makes the design pages come to life. Web developers work with different coding languages such as HTML or PHP to deconstruct the design into a dynamic, interactive website. If you are a business that constantly produces content, a web development agency may turn to a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress to help create a website at a faster pace whilst still taking its functionality into account. This as a whole allows the client to gain easy access to their content without having to learn any complex coding language. 

More Information: best web development agencies in London

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Published on October 16 2020

What are the benefits of using WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress powers nearly one-third of the world’s websites, from small personal blogs to the complex sites of major corporations such as Sony, Time Inc., the New York Post, and NBC. WordPress is only one of the site builders and content management systems users can download and install for free, but it has unique features that make it the most popular content management system in use today.

If you are on the hunt for a brand design agency London based, look no further! Huey Hutch is a dedicated WordPress development agency specialising in building bespoke websites for start ups and established businesses based across London.

We strive to be the best brand marketing agency London has to offer. We utilise all of the benefits gained from using WordPress, creating websites which are easy to use and extremely functional for all our clients. The benefits of working with Huey Hutch to improve your website are listed below.

More Information: benefits of using WordPress

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Written by Huey Hutch - Creative Digital Agency

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